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    Safety Accreditation : Representation Guidance

  • What We Do

    AAIAC, the Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee, is the sector’s lead body for safety in adventure activities. It is representative of a wide range of stakeholders from the UK adventure activities sector and is supported by the Institute for Outdoor Learning.

    Safety Accreditation:

    taking a coordinating role in safety accreditation of adventurous activity and managing, developing and growing Adventuremark.


    being a single contact point for Government and other agencies in the areas of safety, risk management and good practice.


    being a single point of contact for all stakeholders, sharing good practice, developing standards and guidance

  • Governance

    AAIAC was restructured in 2015 to be accountable to the AAIAC Council, which meets annually to receive an annual report and to provide direction, guidance and support on its strategic plan.

    The Council is the body of representative organisations who oversee the election of AAIAC members and its work plan. Current Council representation:

    Council Members:

    • Al Boyd,  Institute for Outdoor Learning, Interim Chair
    • Mike Rosser, AAIAC, Chair
    • Lisa Wainwright, Sport and Recreation Alliance
    • Al Cole, Expedition Providers Association
    • John Hamilton, Scottish Adventure Activity Forum
    • Graham Derrick, Young Explorers’ Trust
    • Paul Donovan, Wales Adventure Tourism Organisation
    • Jim Whittaker, Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres
    • Dave Scourfield, Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel
    • Martin Smith, English Outdoor Council
    • Craig McCullough, Northern Ireland Activity Tourism Forum
    • Tony Thomas, Council for Learning Outside the Classroom
    • Gordon Smith, Scottish Advisory Panel for Outdoor Education
    • Denea Wright, British Activity Providers Association

    The above people are your way to influence the work of AAIAC through the member organisations.

    For a copy of the AAIAC Constitution please click here

  • The AAIAC Committee

    The ten members of AAIAC are elected from all areas of the sector.

    Elections for at least five places on AAIAC take place every three years.

    The following members were appointed in 2015 and will be eligible to serve until 2021.

    • Mike Rosser (Chair)
    • Tom Partridge (Vice Chair)
    • Richard Hamilton
    • Jethro Moore

    The following members were appointed in 2017 and will be eligible to serve until 2023.

    • Paul Airey
    • Adrian Clarke
    • Ben Longhurst

    The following members were appointed in 2018 and will be eligible to serve until 2024.

    • Jo Barnett
    • Andy Taylor
    • Dick Griffiths
    • Gary Dovey
    • Chris Proud

    The following are currently Observer Members:

    • John Cousins
    • Representation from HSE and AALS
  • Safety Accreditation

    The Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Quality Badge and Adventuremark are non-statutory quality and safety badges respectively. Both are supported by the AAIAC.

    The Department for Education (DfE) has launched a manifesto to support LOtC. As part of this initiative, DfE is introducing a badging regime for quality learning provision (including safety) entitled LoTC Quality Badge.

    Adventuremark is a non statutory scheme for adventurous activities in the UK, supported by the AAIAC.

  • Approved Schemes and Accredited Providers

    AAIAC Multi Activity Approved Schemes

    • AHOEC (Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres)
    • BAPA (British Activity Providers Association)
    • BC (British Canoeing)

      AAIAC Activity Specific Approved Schemes


      • MT (Mountain Training) 
      • MIAS (Mountain Biking Instructors Award Scheme)
      • BASI (British Association of Skiing Instructors) 


    • News and Updates

      Here you will find what AAIAC has been working on and any important updates relevant to the sector

    • Resources and Guidance Documents

      Resources for the Outdoor Sector

      AAIAC Ropes Course Guidance 2015

      Surviving a Career in Adventure Activities

      Adventuremark Survey Report 2015

      Which Route to Accreditation

      AALS Info Log - Articles

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