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CLOtC Fee Increase October 2022

Dear Provider, 

The Adventurous Activities Industry Advisory Committee is the awarding body for the LOtC Quality Badge in your sector. The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom have charged AAIAC the same fee of £25 per site per 2 years (£12.50 pa) for many years, and planned increases in fees have been delayed as long as possible due to the impact of the pandemic.  

CLOtC are working hard to raise the profile of the LOtC Quality Badge, and are investing in a new website and greater marketing of the Badge, and looking to work more closely with badge holders. For this it has been necessary for CLOtC to raise the fee to £50 per site for 2 years. AAIAC have made the decision to pass this fee on to providers, and this will be reflected in all fees from 5th October onwards. 

As explained in the last email to you from Kim Hudson, CLOtC’s Accreditations and CPD Manager, each awarding body works autonomously in the way they process the LOtC Quality Badge assessments and manage their own fee structure.  

CLOtC are keen to highlight how this extra fee will be used to improve how the LOtC Quality Badge works for you. With the launch of the new CLOtC website there will be opportunities to promote yourselves through - 

  1. New map and search facility
  2. Images you can put on the website – acknowledged to you
  3. Case Studies to share good practice
  4. Resources – linking to your websites or writing activities for us with your logo on
  5. Training/Events advertised for free
  6. Jobs advertised free
  7. Research to share with others
  8. Twitter and Facebook – each time you renew, CLOtC will celebrate this on their social media 

CLOtC will keep all LOtC Quality Badge holders up to date with further developments to raise the profile of the Badge.

With thanks and best wishes,

Andy Taylor


Adventurous Activities Industry Advisory Committee