Coronavirus Adventuremark and LOtC Quality Badge Accreditation


    AAIAC have agreed to terminate the current “postponement of inspections and associated extension of accreditation arrangements” on the 31st October 2020. This is a further extension of what has been currently agreed and allows time for everyone to time to adapt to the new (in effect return to the old) arrangements.


    From the 1st of November we will:

    • Accept new applications
    • Undertake inspections

    Inspections will be undertaken on the following basis:

    • The Provider and the Inspector need to be satisfied that they are compliant with all relevant government, regional and local authority legislation and guidance.
    • The Inspector and the Provider need to undertake their own risk assessment to confirm that an inspection is practicable, reasonable and safe as possible.
    • Both parties need to be in agreement regarding all of the above before an inspection takes place.
    • Inspectors will follow the Provider’s guidance and Covid-19 operating procedures when on site.
    • Inspectors will, where practicable:
      • Practice social distancing
      • Wear a mask or face covering when appropriate
      • Follow hand cleansing and touching guidance
    • Inspections will only be undertaken if activity can be observed (i.e. as per normal).


    Where a Provider has applied for accreditation but the above conditions cannot be met, the accreditation will remain valid (for the normal 12 month period) until such time as an inspection is possible. The duration of accreditation will not be extended.


    New applicants will not be accredited until they have been subject to inspection.


    If you have any questions please contact:



    To download the full statement please click here

    These are very challenging times for all and we appreciate that Providers are facing many difficulties; we will do our best to support you and add our voice to Government for support for the Industry.


    Andy Taylor

    Chair, AAIAC, 12th October 2020

  • Useful Links - COVID-19

    https://www.gov.scot/coronavirus-covid-19/ - Scotland


    https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response - England / UK


    https://gov.wales/coronavirus-covid19 - Wales


    Outdoor Alliance (Cymru) Recovery Plan (Version 1) 


    UK Guidance for education settings:


    UK Guidance for recreation settings:


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    AAIAC, the Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee, is the sector’s lead body for safety in adventure activities. It is representative of a wide range of stakeholders from the UK adventure activities sector and is supported by the Institute for Outdoor Learning.

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  • Safety Accreditation

    The Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Quality Badge and Adventuremark are non-statutory quality and safety badges respectively. Both are supported by the AAIAC.



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    The Department for Education (DfE) has launched a manifesto to support LOtC. As part of this initiative, DfE is introducing a badging regime for quality learning provision (including safety) entitled LoTC Quality Badge.


    For guidance on criteria on LOtC Quality Badge website listing click here

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    Adventuremark is a non statutory scheme for adventurous activities in the UK, supported by the AAIAC.

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