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Activity Qualification Matrices

In early January 2022 British Cycling, Mountain Training, and British Canoeing Awarding Body wrote to you to inform you of our collaborative project for establishing qualification matrices.

This important work has taken place due to previous, published matrices used for accreditation and inspections no longer being maintained (see pages 26-32 of HSE’s published ‘L77’, ‘Guidance from the Licensing Authority on the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 2004’, which is now fifteen years out of date). At the same time, it continues to be the responsibility of the activity providers to have robust and appropriate methods to demonstrate competence of those leading activities.

We are delighted to update you on the project and to note that British Caving Association has also completed this work. All four qualification matrices are live on our websites, enabling activity providers and accreditation inspectors to access up to date information on qualifications as well as links to the equivalent qualification matrices in several other adventure sports.

You can read the full letter and access the relevent link in the downloadable letter