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Committee Members Update 2018

New members join AAIAC and we say thank you to those leaving

Update from Mike Rosser, AAIAC Chair

Two experienced members are about to reach the end of their terms. at the end of March, on the committee Paul Kenwright and Kevin Jackson and Matt Healey has also left to work in Australia. All contributed much to the work of AAIAC over the years and each gave me as Chair much support over the past 3 years.

We advertised for new members in the Autumn and in early January, Chaired by Emma Boggis 4 members of the AAIAC Council reviewed the applications. Such was the strength of the applications we came to 5 not 3 recommendations: Jo Barnett, Andy Taylor, Dick Griffiths, Gary Dovey and Chris Proud should be invited. I’m pleased to announce that all have accepted.

The experience and interest of the 5 is across the sector as Advisors, Centre Managers, Educators, in Tourism, Special Education and Disability issues – which strengthens our knowledge of these areas.

Each will officially begin their 3 year terms on 1st April 2018. Each term is renewable for an additional 3 years.