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HSE Update Statement

Licensing Update

HSE would like to thank everyone who responded to the recent Discussion Document on the future of the Adventure Activities Licensing framework.


We are delighted with the response and encouraged by the amount of engagement on this subject. We received hundreds of detailed comments, which are now being analysed. Once complete we will report the findings to the HSE Board for consideration at their meeting on 20 June.


In the meantime, the AALA team thank you for your patience and remind stakeholders that regardless of the outcome, there will be no immediate changes to the licensing scheme. There is still much to be considered, and it will take time for any changes to come into effect.


License holders should continue to engage with AALS and ensure they have a valid license for activities in scope of the regulations.


You will be notified well in advance of any changes and if necessary any transition arrangements to ensure that things continue to run smoothly.